Eat Local Eastport Co-Op – Ordering Open NOW!

ORDERING NOW OPEN Eat Local Eastport Co-op (ELEC) proudly announces its first-ever 12-week Winter Market, opening Thurs. Feb. 6, running through Thurs. Apr. 23. Eat Local Eastport is dedicated to bringing nutritious, locally-grown fresh food to residents of the greater Eastport area.

How it Works:

  • Order:  Select “shares” each week from a variety of food categories.   Orders for the following week must be placed online by the previous Friday, indicating the number and types of shares they wish to buy, e.g. milk, chicken, vegetables, etc.
  • Pick-up: Thursdays between 4-6 p.m. at ELEC’s downtown Eastport storefront at 49 Water St. 
  • Extras:  ELEC food producers will offer ELEC customers hot soups and tea for sale each week at the Thursday pickup. The Co-op will also provide a weekly Farmers Market Table for direct sales from producers. Items may include things like honey, kombucha, homestead goods, canned goods, etc.

About Shares:

The Co-op sells share packages. A full subscription is 12 weeks. Buyers choose shares from several different types of foods. (This will evolve as ELEC develops its list of suppliers.) Individual shares can range from $4 (e.g. dairy) to $30 (e.g. assorted meat). 

No membership fees are required.


49 Water St. in Eastport.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where does Eat Local Eastport buy its food?

ELEC maintains relationships with more than a dozen Maine farmers and distributors across Washington County. We will continue to work with Crown of Maine (COMOC) a statewide distributor who brings us products local and exotic.  ELEC will continue to refine its relationships, always seeking the highest quality food for our community.

Can ELEC deliver food to me?

Not at this time. Please send an email to if this is a service you would like in the future.

Do I have to commit to 12-weeks?

The best way to support the co-op is with a 12-week commitment, especially as we relaunch the program. That helps us predict support and prepare our producers for our ordering patterns.

However, if your situation requires flexibility, we can accommodate week-to-week buyers as well. 

Can we use SNAP/Food Stamps to buy food from ELEC?

During our Winter Market, we will not be accepting SNAP or utilizing the Farm Fresh Rewards program. However, it is our first priority to provide the double your SNAP program in our June re-launch.

We’ll be out of town all of March. Can we let our neighbors use our shares?

Absolutely! Please make a note when signing up.

What if I don’t like some of the veggies in my produce box?

ELEC will be providing a donation box for The Labor of Love/Garrapy Food Pantry at pick-up for such items. We will also offer the option to purchase a share for the pantry directly.

What are the ELEC’s plans for the future?

Great question! There is a dedicated group of volunteers currently creating a plan for the future home and services of our co-op. 

How can I help?

If you’re interested in joining the conversation please email with your interest. The working group meets Thursdays 3-5 p.m. at 49 Water Street until market starts. 

Love Eat Local Eastport? Join us! Your help is always welcome. And tell your family and friends!

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